Water in Religion

Water in Religion

As we come to the end of our topic on WATER, we are thinking about what water symbolises for people of different faiths and asking ourselves, “Why is water so important in religion?”

Your challenge is to find out about how is water used in religious ceremonies or rituals, what it symbolises and why it is so important. Post your comments here.

They can be about your own experiences or any religion. Happy posting!



Research on water in Sikhism, by Amerleen.

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    • Baptism is a Christian religious ceremony where people are welcomed into the church. The minister puts a cross on their forehead with holy water and then sometimes he pours the water over them also. At the end he says a prayer over the person.

  1. John the Baptist washed people in the river Jordan to show that Jesus had come to forgive sins. People are baptised with water as a symbol of God’s Holy Spirit making them spiritually clean.

  2. The word baptise means to dip under water. In the Catholic Church water is poured over the baby’s head when they are baptized to symbolise them being welcomed into the church and cleansed of original sin.

  3. Some faiths use water especially prepared for religious purposes such as holy water in some branches of christianity and, amrita in Sikhism and Hinduism. Water has cleansing properties. It is symbolic of coming out of the water having been cleansed of ones sins. The cleansing process must be done by full immersion and not just sprinkling water on the forehead. The reason why water is so Important in christianity is that water is a symbol of life, and also because water is used for purification and the cleansing of sins. In christianity the Holy Water in baptism represents the cleansing of a non baptised catholic. The person has water poured on his/her head.

  4. At a Methodist Baptism the water is poured over the babies head. The water symbolises, cleansing from sin, living a new life in Christ.

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