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  1. What a day we had on Thursday, Celebrating our annual Modern Foreign Languages day! This morning in 5LF the girls have been sharing their thoughts and experiences.

    “We got to perform our own Chinese dancing in groups. It was like being in a real dragon! All thanks to mrs Labbé and the staff who helped bring us an amazing Chinese themed day.” Connie and Caitlin.

    “I think we experienced a bit about what China was like; how they celebrate. We had fun learning and counting in Chinese.” Katie W

    “When we got to learn the numbers I found it really interesting to see the symbols and that they do signs for them too.” Isha

    “It was fun and exciting. I liked the clay work best, but it was very hard to make the detail on the armour!” Ariella

    “I loved Chinese Day because we got to learn about the famous terracotta army and made our own Hesketh House army out of clay.” Manahil

    “It was really good and I enjoyed it. I liked the dancing because we got to go in a real Chinese dragon. I think we learned a lot as well as having fun.” Lily

    “I really enjoyed doing and saying the Chinese numbers and making dragons. The best bit is that we got to make a man from the army out of clay. I enjoyed learning about China. Thank you to all the people who decided and made it happen.” Louise

    “Chinese Day was amazing. I loved making a little Terracotta Army out of clay. I got very messy! We danced in a Chinese dragon, which was fun. We also learnt some Chinese numbers. The teachers out a lot of effort in to make the day great.” Amerleen

    “I really enjoyed Chinese day. I loved the fact that we got to dress down because you felt you were actually Chinese! The thing I enjoyed most was dancing in the dragon and that you got to play the instruments. I also liked counting in Chinese because you never know when that might come in handy.” Emma

    “I had lots of fun on Chinese day. I especially enjoyed the Chinese dragon dancing and also enjoyed making the Terracotta Army.” Anon (5LF)

    “The dragons were amazing.” Anon (5LF)

    What did you think? Post your comments and share your views.

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